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Since 1999, we’ve been supporting our customers who stock Rustlers – genuinely flame grilled burgers made with 100% British and Irish beef, 100% British Chicken Breast and 100% British & Irish pork.

We’re committed to convenience, driving growth of the UK’s No.1 Chilled Ready Meals brand with exciting new products and campaigns, alongside free POS, merchandising advice and food-to-go equipment to help you maximise profits from the chiller.

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2 packs of Rustlers are sold every second in the UK.

Top Tip: Optimise space for best-sellers with multiple facings to ensure products are in stock all day – especially during peak consumption times.

Top Tip👍

Ensure all mealtime occasions are catered for within the chiller – including breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks to maximise any sales opportunities.

Find more merchandising advice here! https://www.kepaktrade.co.uk/grow-your-sales/